At the Guadalupe Dunes, the source of our quartzite, Gordon Sand Co. has purchased and developed an open pit mine.  Also developed were the Wet Plant for sand washing; a Dry Plant for drying, grading blending, and bulk storage; and packaging facilities for 50-lb to 100-lb Sacking, and for 3,000-lb Super Sacks.
The Wet and Dry Plants are supported by Turf Blending facilities for golf courses, custom sand blends for pipelining, and other industrial uses, following strict specifications required by the respective application.
The natural deposit of 85% quartzite sand, rounded by the tides and winds over years is one of the few remaining mineral (quartzite) resources that is in operation on the west coast.  This sand is now rounded by nature to an Angular x Sub-angular shape and a Compressive Hardness of some 3,500 PSI. 

Gordon Sand Co. (GSCo) is a producer of high-quality sand product line since 1923.  It operates on the Pacific Coast, in Guadalupe, Santa Barbara County.  It aggressively serves the surface preparation and pipelining industrial markets, plus other popular uses, such as in golf courses and beach volleyball courts, landscaping and farming.

For over ninety years of operations, GSCo has exercised the use of sound business principles to accomplish its objectives.  

These principles have been applied in the execution of the following:

  • Comprehensive analysis of applicable markets.

  • Identification of prospective customers and evaluation of those entities' sand requirements to maintain efficiency in meeting the demands of those prospective customers in the applicable markets.

  • Survey of regulatory requirements governing the various markets, as well as what constitute ecological and environmentally responsible action which, while perhaps not required, should be followed.

  • Diagnosis of GSCo's capacity, opportunity and desire to not only enter the various markets, but deliver products and services which are superior to those otherwise available, at the best possible prices, and well within all regulatory guidelines.

  • Establishment of short and long-term goals, as well as business philosophies, based upon findings from all the foregoing.

  • Management which is not only sensitive to market, economy and political shifts, but adjusts accordingly, in response to such shifts.  This ensures GSCo's continued economic viability.

The execution of these principles has given rise to a financially sound company.  GSCo is recognized in numerous associations, and is an active and effective participant in political proceedings concerning the industry.  The Gordon Sand Co. has championed an environmental consciousness which is unprecedented in the field of abrasive and industrial materials.

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